Welcome to the Nuclear Oriented Materials & Examination (NOME) Laboratory at the University of Michigan. Our research focuses on three broad areas: (i) advanced manufacturing and alloy development: development of novel processing routes and compositions to obtain high performance alloys for nuclear energy applications, (ii) radiation effects and characterization: examination of the materials changes induced through radiation using advanced characterization techniques, and (iii) emerging technologies: rapid exploration of disruptive technologies including data analytics for nuclear energy applications.

We are a diverse and multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in nuclear engineering, materials science, physics, and mechanical engineering. Our laboratory leverages the vast resources at University of Michigan including the Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory and the Michigan Center for Materials Characterization. We also partner with external collaborators such as Idaho National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory and use scientific user facilities such as the Nuclear Science User Facility to accomplish our research and development goals.

The NOME lab welcomes innovative thought and seeks to foster a culture that uses diversity and cross-cutting activities to springboard new innovations in nuclear materials.

Details on how to join NOME lab.