DOE Office of Science announces award for NOME

Image excerpt from awarded ECA proposal

Prof. Field has been been awarded funding for research as part of the U.S. Department of Energy Early Career Award (ECA) program. The research entitled, “Precipitate Stability and Helium Trapping in Advanced Steels” will focus on the complex synergies between tailored precipitate microstructures and the damage imparted via displacements and transmutations in steels used in future fusion reactor devices. Field’s work will leverage the Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory in NERS. The long term goal for Prof. Field is to establish leadership in helium effects in steels and radiation effects in advanced manufactured alloys.

Prof. Field’s research was 1 of only 76 early career scientists in the U.S. selected for the award this year. Prof. Field joins an elite class of Michigan scientists who won this year which include Prof. Wenhao Sun in the department of Materials Science and Engineering and Prof. Jennifer Bridwell-Rabb in the Department of Chemistry. The award supports $750,000 (USD) over five years to accomplish the research goals. The project abstract can be downloaded here.

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