Xiu publishes first paper for NOME

Graphical abstract from our new paper in JNM

Congratulations to Pengyuan Xiu for publishing his first author paper titled, “STEM Characterization of Dislocation Loops in Irradiated FCC Alloys” which was published in the Journal of Nuclear Materials in November 2020. This paper demonstrates the use of on-zone scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) for imaging dislocation loops, which are commonly formed under irradiation, in face-centered-cubic alloys. NOME has routinely used on-zone STEM for body-centered-cubic alloys which great success, and now Pengyuan’s work provides the systematically verified basis to use the same technique for other alloys systems. We look forward to the adoption of this simple and robust imaging technique in the community!

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The paper can be found here

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