FeCrAl Handbook Development

Cover by KGF

FeCrAl alloys are a class of alloys that have seen increased interest for nuclear power applications including accident tolerant fuel cladding, structural components for fast fission reactors, and as first wall and blanket structures for fusion reactors. FeCrAl alloys are under consideration for these applications due to their inherent corrosion resistance, stress corrosion cracking resistance, radiation-induced swelling resistance, and high temperature oxidation resistance. A substantial amount of research effort has been completed to design, develop, and begin commercial scaling of FeCrAl alloys for nuclear power applications over the past half a century. These efforts have led to the development of an extensive database on material properties and process knowledge for FeCrAl alloys but not within a consolidated format. This project developed and maitains a materials handbook to consolidate the current state of knowledge on FeCrAl alloys for nuclear power applications. This centralized database focuses solely on wrought FeCrAl alloys; oxide dispersion strengthened alloys, although discussed in brief, are not covered to date.

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