2019 FeCrAl Handbook


The “Handbook on the Materials Properties of FeCrAl Alloys for Nuclear Power Production Applications” was published in its first version in United States Fiscal Year August 2017 with the intention to begin the process of collecting, distilling, and then disseminating the current knowledge-base on cast and wrought FeCrAl alloys intended for use in both fission and fusion based nuclear power production. The handbook was broken into two primary sections, the first being on unirradiated material properties and the second being on irradiated properties. It was expected at the time of publication that the document would exist as a “living” document and updates would be made when additional findings, results, and publications regarding nuclear-focused FeCrAl alloys became available. The revision of the original handbook is moniker: FY18 Version: Revision 1 serves as the first update based on new or newly discovered findings.

The authors of the handbook found a need for users to be able to download and manipulate the data themselves. Based on this feedback, Dylan Richardson (ORNL) and Prof. Field developed an online database for downloading the raw data used to generate the figures and tables contained within the FY18 version of the handbook. This digital database is now hosted here on the NOME lab website for users to have free access to the data. Please click Interactive Data to access the database.

For suggestions or corrections please contact Prof. Field via email.