Precipitate Stability and Helium Trapping in Advanced Steels

Understanding helium and precipitation in steels.

Radiation Effects in Additive Manufactured Steels

Use MIBL and MC2 to conduct irradiation and post-irradiation examination of AM HT-9

Accelerated irradiation creep testing coupled with self-adaptive accelerated molecular dynamics simulations for scalability analysis

Development of accelerated irradiation creep testing

Advance Castable Nanostructured Alloys for First-wall/Blanket Applications

Development of commercial grade Castable Nanostructured Alloys (CNAs) for fusion energy

Evaluation of Human-Bias in Machine Learning Models for Electron Microscopy

Evaluating how human perception in ambiguous images impacts extrinsic errors in common machine learning frameworks for feature detection


Space Power Achieved via Carbon Extras in Manufactured Additively Nanocomposites

Real-time Microscopy Quantification Using Machine Learning

Applications of edge computing and machine learning to automatically identify features in micrographs

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing of Nuclear Steels

Optimizing processing parameters of wire arc additive manufactured nuclear steels.

Rapid Simulation of Irradiation Damage in PWR Internals

Using ion beams to emulate neutron irradiation after preconditioning.

FeCrAl Handbook Development

Develop and maintain the world leading resource of FeCrAl materials properties for nuclear power applications